ERP For Pharmacy Management System

ERP For Pharmacy Management System

One of the most important responsibilities of Pharmacy Management is to supervise and manage the pharmacy employees in order to ensure healthy working relationships and outcomes.

Pharmacy Management System has basically four types of users:


ERP Modules for Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Information Management: is a multifunctional system that helps pharmacists to keep track of medicine supplies and organize them. The modules aids in the reduction of medication errors, the improvement of patient .safety,the reporting of drug usage, and the tracking of expenses.

Medicine Management:To manage medicines modules will assess the need for and use of medication, the patient’s response to medication, and the patient’s level of understanding of the drug and how to take it with the patient.

Monitor Medicine Orders:is used to keep track of dates and events throughout the process chain, from placing an order with an external vendor to presenting goods in a store or receiving goods in a distribution center.

Manage Sales and Stocks:This module will help the Pharmacist with the sales and stocks managementthat includes ordering, storing, tracking, andmonitoring stock levels as well as monitoring the irrevenue.

Drug Inventory Management:The drug inventory management module strives to reduce procurement and carrying expenses while maintaining a sufficient stock of products to meet the needs of customers and prescribers. This will also monitor the performance of the pharmacy and to know what are themost needed medicines.

Generate Processes Reports:In all organization or business, reports are very essential. To help the admin in these matters, this module generates the transaction reports to keep track of the pharmacy activities.

Our Services are significant to the following:

Purchase / Sales
Stock Maintenance
Generating Reports

Pharmacy Management System has been tested by applying many case studies, such as registering a patient, issuing medicines to this patient, and requesting medicines from a warehouse.

Main Features:

Customer Management Module
Supply & Purchase Module
One Click Installation
Inventory Module
Easy Invoicing System
Financial Module
Clean Batch Code
Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales, Profit andExpenseReport
Due Payment Management
Medicine, Drugs, Customers, Employees, Clients,supplier and Users management
POS (Point of Sale) management
Search Medicine, Customer, Purchase, InvoicesbyIts First Letter
Print Invoices
Generate Report by Date Range, Sales Report, Purchase Report, Customer Report, PurchaseExpiry report and Many More.

Pharmacy Management System:is actually a software which handle the essential data and save the data and actually about the database of a pharmacy and its management.

Pharmacy Management System software helps ineffectively management of the pharmaceutical store or shop. It provides the statistics about medicine or drugs which are in stocks which data can also be updated and edited. It allow user to enter manufacturing as well as the expiry date of medicine placing in stock and for sales transaction.

Pharmacy Management System software also has ability to print the bill and invoices etc. The main purpose is effectively and easily handling of pharmacy data and its management.